“What will you do with your life?

Answering that question is a central part of Students International’s vision as we seek to help students and the poor discover the unique calling that God has for their lives. However, the question is a difficult one to answer not just for young people but adults as well. In fact, my 75-year-old dad who retired this past year often jokes with me that he is still figuring out what he wants to be when he grows up.

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Kendri Beltre began coming to Students International’s baseball site as a young boy more than 10 years ago. And like many young boys in the Dominican Republic, Kendri knew EXACTLY how to answer that hard question. He was going to grow up to be a major league baseball player. Fortunately for him, Kendri was a gifted catcher and before long he found himself headed for a baseball academy at the young age of 13. This was the beginning of his dream. Kendri could sense it. Unfortunately, the time at the baseball academy didn’t go as planned and three years later all he brought back with him to Jarabacoa were his broken dreams. He was now 16 years old, was way behind in school, and was struggling through depression as he faced the harsh reality of figuring out what was next in life.

But as God so often does, he used the difficult circumstances Kendri was facing to begin working in his life. Kendri started searching for God, attending church, and thinking about what type of man he wanted to become. He got reconnected with the baseball site in Jarabacoa and even earned himself a part-time job working as a baseball assistant a few hours each afternoon. Still at a point where he lol was feeling lost, Sabrina, an SI staff member offered to sit down with him and help him develop a life plan. Through that process along with the encouragement of our coaches Dave and Samuel, Kendri began to dream about how he might answer the question “What will I do with my life?” Kendri started taking high school classes on weekends. He found a Christian mentor and regularly met with him to study scripture. And finally, almost a year after coming back from the academy, Kendri surrendered his life to the Lord at a youth retreat that was hosted on our SI base facilities.

This past Fall, Dave and Samuel were able to help Kendri pursue one of his newfound dreams to play high school baseball in the US while finishing his education. Kendri worked incredibly hard to improve his math scores and learn English in order to have the opportunity to attend Faith Christian Academy outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He started classes this past month and will be playing catcher for the baseball team in the Spring. He is beyond excited for the challenges and adventures that he will encounter over this next year.

For us at Students International, it has been a gift to be a part of Kendri’s life transformation and to walk alongside him as he continues to grow. Would you join us in praying for him as he begins this new chapter of life and continues to discover the good plan that God has ahead of him.

Grateful for you,
The SI Team