Jaime Prieto

Jaime grew up in an orphanage along with his sister, María. They lived there because of their family’s poverty and the death of their mother. As a child in the orphanage, Jaime heard many stories from the Bible and it was there where he met Jesus. During his youth he prepared himself to serve in the biblical, theological, and pastoral formation of pastors and leaders of many diverse churches throughout Latin America. His work allowed him to connect with international students from Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. He came to Students International (SI) with a desire to influence and interact with the children in the communities and the international students who come to serve in Costa Rica. He views SI as a beautiful place where he can live out the testimony of Jesus.

Jaime began working with SI in February 2018. He is currently serving in the Los Guido community at the Tutoring Center assisting children with homework, studying, Bible times, and showing God’s love. Jaime’s dream is to be a living testimony of Jesus Christ for everyone he interacts with, give back the love he received at the orphanage, and support the children in their academic formation and spiritual search. He hopes that the children are happy, follow Jesus, and find a place in society where they are useful and respected.

Jaime Prieto serves in Costa Rica at our Education — Tutoring Center site.

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