Norma Rayo

Norma Rayo began working with Students International in June of 2015. She is the head of the Special Education Site, which is run by SI in La Capri's public elementary school. She works primarily in a small group capacity, helping children with mild to moderate special needs develop social, academic, and life, skills. Norma also assists in other SI Ministry Sites one day a week, focusing her time on the children who have significant behavioral and/or cognitive needs.

Norma was born in Nicaragua and moved to Costa Rica when she was a young girl. She left behind her mother and the majority of her 9 siblings in order to receive a better education and pursue her dreams of serving others. Her older sister raised her from the age of 8. Norma graduated with her Bachelor's in Special Education from the National University in Costa Rica and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Cognitive and Emotional Psychology.

Norma Rayo serves in Costa Rica.

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