Students International Interns serve for 4-12 months in one of four different Latin American countries.

Job descriptions vary, but all interns learn Spanish, experience a new culture, are deeply involved in ministry and form relationships that could last a lifetime.

Experienced mentors support interns in fields such as healthcare, education, social work, microfinance, construction and administration. Interns also train in ministry, leadership, intercultural skills and community development.

Internships cost less than $1000 per month (airfare not included). SI encourages interns to raise support for their experience, and interns with student loans may raise additional support to apply to loan payments.

Interns may choose to work on a Master’s Degree while serving with SI, but this is not required.

Learn more! Contact:
Darin Mather | Students International
M: 651.500.9129


Current Openings



  • Media/Social Media Intern
  • Women’s Social Work Intern
  • Tutoring Intern
  • Facilities and Maintenance Intern
  • Creative Arts Intern
  • Child Sponsorship Intern
  • Student Life Coordinator/Administration Intern
Costa Rica:
  • Media/PR Intern
  • ESL Intern
  • Women’s Social Work Intern
  • Sports and Recreation Intern
  • Facilities and Maintenance Intern
  • Creative Arts Workshop Intern
  • Tutoring Center Intern
  • Social Services Intern
  • Special Education Intern
  • Community and Environmental Health Intern
  • Media (video and social media) Intern
  • Community Health Intern
  • Education Intern
  • Microfinance Intern
  • Marketing Intern
  • Social Work Intern
  • Student Life Coordinator Intern
  • Sport Education Intern
  • Agriculture Intern
Santiago (DR):
  • Appropriate Technology Intern
  • Medical Intern
  • Social Work Intern
  • Sports Intern
  • Media Intern
Jarabacoa (DR):
  • Women’s Sports Intern
  • Women’s Social Work Intern
  • Media Intern
  • Education – Tutoring Center Intern
  • Physical Therapy Intern
  • Speical Education Intern
  • Men’s Sports Intern
  • Young Men’s Social Work Intern