Special Projects Donation

Special Projects

Give and Transform Lives

You can help provide clean water filters which reduce waterborne diseases, and fuel efficient smokeless stoves. These wood burning stoves use 70% less firewood and remove harmful smoke from people’s homes. We use these tools to help provide opportunities for the poor and also build relationships so that we might share the gospel with them.

Our National Staff are from the country where they serve and play a huge role in our connection to the communities. Because many of our National Staff are not able to raise their own support right away, our National Staff Fund helps us to hire nationals to serve in our ministry sites and help share the Gospel.

As our ministry grows, we continue to seek the Lord on what our next steps are for development and growth in new countries. Your donation to the New Country Development fund will help us launch new ministry locations in the future!

We have recently moved to a new base in Nicaragua and there are some improvements that need to be made. You can help us make the new base one that functions most effectively for our ministry and teams!

We are working to purchase land in Los Higos to build a school.

We are in the process of raising funds to purchase the ministry base in DR-Santiago. This will allow us to continue hosting teams at the base and shows the community of Cienfuegos that we are committed to being there long-term.

We are raising money to purchase property in Cienfuegos (Santiago) for a sports site.